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Clover-based pasture is the cheapest feed on the planet. It costs 4-5 cent to grow a kilogram of pasture DM. This is the competitive advantage New Zealand farmers have in the international food market.
Make it your competitive advantage. agKnowledge Ltd specialises in soil fertility and pasture nutrition. We focus on optimising clover and pasture production.

A little about


Dr Edmeades commenced his science career in 1977 at MAF Ruakura, initially his research interests were on soil acidity and liming. In 1985 he was awarded an ANZAC Fellowship and spent a year at the University of Queensland studying the effects of aluminium toxicity on pasture plants. In 1988 he was appointed group leader (Soils and Fertilisers) at Ruakura and in 1991 became the National Science Program Leader (Soils and Fertiliser) in the newly formed AgResearch.
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Casestudy No. 1

David Dysart – Dairy Farmer

Western Bays, Taupo

Our farm was going backwards despite large fertiliser costs. We got agKnowledge involved in 2004 and thanks to his science background Dr Edmeades quickly identified and solved the problem – the soils were grossly potassium deficient. Because the soil P levels were above optimal no P but high rates of potash were recommended. Importantly we have had no problems with animal health.... more »