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Fertiliser Review NO. 37

  • Pasture First
  • Fine Particle Application (FPA)
  • Sustain and Phased N
  • All Paddock Testing
  • A Tragic Case of Misdiagnosis

Fertiliser Review NO. 36

  • What Fairfax Media Chose Not to Publish
  • New Product: Thermophos
  • Speculation About Silicon
  • When is an RPR not an RPR
  • Dicalcic Phosphate: Weasel Words

Fertiliser Review NO. 35

  • Talking About Soil Organic Matter
  • Are Your Nutrient Tanks Full
  • Fine Particle Application (FPA)
  • Let the Buyer Beware (Again!)
  • Managing Nutrients in Farm Dairy Effluent

Fertiliser Review NO. 34

  • Sustain
  • Changes to the Fair Trading Act
  • Maxicrop is Back
  • Soil Test Histograms

Fertiliser Review NO. 33

  • Sulphur Fertilisers
  • Old Recipes May Not Work
  • Beware: The Resin Test and Reactive Phosphate Rocks
  • Aluminum Soil Test
  • All Paddock Testing

Fertiliser Review NO. 32

  • Feed the soil versus feed the plant
  • More soil testing problems
  • Biological farming - what is it?
  • Phosphate rock reserves - sustainable?
  • Sustain
  • Stick with Science

Fertiliser Review NO. 31

  • Overseer is not a regulatory tool
  • A 50% increase in productivity by year 2025

Fertiliser Review NO. 30

  • Sustainability – how does this apply to agriculture?
  • Water Quality – some questions you should ask your Regional Council
  • Is the climate changing?
  • Sustainable Nitrogen Fertilisers
  • Is Nitrogen a pollutant?

Fertiliser Review NO. 29

  • Agrisea
  • All Paddock Testing – Chasing Tales
  • Humates, Fulvates and Soil Organic Matter
  • Introducing Dr Robert McBride, Soil Phosphorus Retention
  • Case Study: Abron Farm Consultants

Fertiliser Review NO. 27

  • Potassium: A forgotten Nutrient?
  • All Paddock Soil Testing – an analysis of the process and it’s merits
  • All about Abron
  • Pasture Persistence: a soil fertility problem?
  • Professional incompetence or poor training?

Fertiliser Review NO. 26

  • Bas Saturation Ratios – Why they are Nonsense!
  • Nutrient Quality or Nutrient Ratios?
  • Defining Soil PH
  • Measuring CEC
  • The Quantity Theory
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Hill Laboratories Again
  • Climate Change and ETS
  • The Price of Independence

Fertiliser Review NO. 25

  • The Organic Movement: New Products Old Stories Same Nonsense
  • Open Letter to Hill Laboratories
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Organic Foods: Are they Better?
  • The New Zealand Soil Carbon Conference

Fertiliser Review NO. 24

  • Get your Fertiliser Act Together
  • Less N
  • SustaiN: In More Trouble?
  • EcoN
  • The Commercialization of Science
  • Post Script

Fertiliser Review NO. 23

  • SustaiN – contemptible advertising
  • The Brix Test – what does it mean?
  • Pasture is King & Clover is Queen – the principles of effitient pastoral farming
  • Price Watch
  • How to Read your Soil Test Reports
  • Soil Testing – leave it to the experts

Fertiliser Review NO. 22

  • Sustain versus Urea
  • Fertiliser Co-ops: Who do they serve?
  • Poos and wees: how much and were does it go?
  • ProGibb
  • Nutrient Budgets: interprete with caution
  • Elemental Sulphur: Our recent experience
  • Price Watch

Fertiliser Review NO. 21

  • Fertiliser Costs: What do we do?
  • How to feed Soil Bugs
  • Under the fence line
  • Nitrogen Inhibitors: A need for National Trial
  • Earthworms: The Dangers of Romantic Love

Fertiliser Review NO. 20

  • Managing soil organic matter
  • Fertiliser prices: living with increasing costs
  • Mainland Minerals: Again!
  • A new soil test for sulphur?

Fertiliser Review NO. 19a

  • Why do we need lime?
  • Liming Materials
  • Animal Health

Fertiliser Review NO. 19

  • Has you pasture got the pox? Nutrient deficiencies
  • The Organic Movement – its origins
  • Can you have you cake and eat it? Environmental good news
  • What were they thinking? – a liquid fertiliser story
  • A question for the co-operatives? Di-calcic superphosphate
  • Price Watch – P fertilisers
  • Farmers, fertilisers and anecdotal evidence

Fertiliser Review NO. 18

  • Some lessons for the field
  • Beware: Another Doomsday Prophet
  • More Good News: Food Quality
  • Commerce One, Science Zero
  • Stop the digger
  • Are your paradigms shifting?

Fertiliser Review NO. 17

  • Nitrogen Fertiliser Revisited
  • The Cost of P Fertiliser
  • Mainland Minerals: a case of let the buyer beware?
  • New versus old pasture

Fertiliser Review NO. 16

  • Efficient fertiliser use on the dairy farm
  • All you need to grow?
  • Fertiliser: what to do in a downturn
  • Potassium: malignant or maligned?

Fertiliser Review NO. 15

  • Ureas versus Sustain
  • Lime: Is finer better?
  • When is a Fertiliser not a Fertiliser?
  • Fertiliser: always a good investment

Fertiliser Review NO. 14

  • Acidification due to fertilisers?
  • Growing for Good
  • More Good News: Soil Quality
  • A matter of Opinion?

Fertiliser Review NO. 13

  • Good news for soil life
  • Urea: Volatilization losses of N
  • A Case of Confusing Advice?
  • Magic bullets? Nitrification and urease inhibitors

Fertiliser Review NO. 12

  • Dicalcic phosphate
  • Southern Fertilisers Ltd (now called Uptake Ltd)
  • Interpreting sulphur soil tests
  • DAP
  • Phosphate poisoning

Fertiliser Review NO. 11

  • Pasture sulphur requirements
  • Lime-Flo: liquid lime
  • Sechura RPR
  • Soil Testing: which laboratory?
  • Total Nutrient Management

Fertiliser Review NO. 10

  • The economics of fertiliser use
  • P lockup? P fixation?
  • Sulphur
  • Managing nitrate leaching
  • Let the buyer beware
  • Total Nutrient Management: a new service
  • Price watch

Fertiliser Review NO. 9

  • Efficient fertiliser use
  • Nutrient budgeting
  • Managing nutrient runoff
  • What is the optimal Olsen P?
  • Liquid fertilisers – again?
  • Product and services to avoid
  • Price watch
  • Phosphate rock reserves

Fertiliser Review NO. 8

  • Transport and spreading costs
  • Biophos – organic but!
  • The Resin P test: Science and intrigue
  • Soil fertiliser trends: are we sustainable?
  • Soil inoculants, bio-stimulants and activators

Fertiliser Review NO. 7

  • Trace elements
  • Fertiliser economic in Hill Country
  • Calcium, Lime and soil pH
  • Soil physical quality
  • Maintaining Fertiliser Quality standards
  • Price Watch: Nitrogen fertilisers

Fertiliser Review NO. 6

  • Lime Hill Country – is it economic?
  • Flea clover, Flea! A nitrogen dilemma
  • Why soils become acid
  • Script Fertiliser and FERTMARK
  • Scientific v observational trials
  • Magnesium revisited

Fertiliser Review NO. 5

  • Nitrogen fertilisers: a need for caution?
  • Soil acidification due to fertilisers.
  • Plant nutrient ratios: what do they mean?
  • Mainland Minerals: be aware!
  • Fluid Fertilisers Ltd
  • Sodium fertiliser: an update.
  • Price watch: Magnesium fertilisers.

Fertiliser Review NO. 4

  • Nitrosol: Liquid blood and bone
  • Soil Testing: Base saturation ratios
  • Price watch: Nitrogen fertilisers
  • Organic v chemical fertilisers
  • Summit-Quinphos: Misuse of science?

Fertiliser Review NO. 3

  • The P fixation bogey (Part 3)
  • Magnesium fertilisers for pastures
  • Solid versus liquid fertilisers
  • Price watch: Phosphate fertilisers
  • Super versus RPR?
  • Lime reverted super

Fertiliser Review NO. 2

  • Sodium: not a cure all….
  • Lime and liming materials
  • The P fixation bogey (Part 2)
  • Prescription Fertilisers (NZ) Ltd
  • Maxicrop is back….
  • The cost of P in super

Fertiliser Review NO. 1

  • Lime -reverted superphosphate
  • The P fixation bogey (Part 1)
  • Reactive phosphate rocks
  • Prescription Fertilisers (NZ) Ltd
  • Cost of nutrients